Elizabeth Lumpkin - Interior Stylist

Elizabeth has had a natural love for decorating and design since late childhood. She studied Fine Art with a specialization in Interior Design at VCU in Richmond, VA. She ❤️'s putting together the "puzzles" of design and coming up with solutions that improve the way clients live and feel in their homes.

About Refine & Design

We are dedicated to making your home or office beautiful and functional. With our individualized approach, we will help you transform any space and maximize it to its full potential. We provide affordable, practical and creative solutions personalized to fit your taste and lifestyle. We can help make the process stress-free and get the results you will ❤️

Maria Bonaventura - Founder

Maria is a leader in interior styling and home staging  with many years of business and customer service experience. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with clients to inspire them to create a space they ❤️. Her outgoing personality makes it natural for her to work with clients as they move into new spaces throughout their lives.

Meet the team

Lia Milroy - Interior Stylist

Lia has always enjoyed recreating spaces to be more functional and beautiful. She ❤️'s how small changes can make a tremendous impact, especially through thoughtful furniture placement, simple organization and updates in color. Her desire to exceed her clients' expectations is reflected in her belief that everyone deserves a lovely, comfortable home.

Amy Walters - Interior Stylist

Amy is, and always has been, a thoughtful creator. She ❤️'s  to share her imagination with clients. With a marketing and business mind, she has a keen eye for details. She is excellent at combining style and function - the perfect combination to design your home. 

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